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Centurion Guards is one of the top security companies in London. Our team have supplied security guard services across London to the Science Museum, Premier Inn, Selfridges, Audi, Wandsworth Council, the Chinese Embassy, Oak Furnitureland, Debenhams, Harpo Productions (Oprah Winfrey's) production company and many other leading organisations. Call us now on 0844 499 0607

1. A customer was a bit nervous about employing a company they found on the internet:

We had a call from the store manager from Oak Furnitureland, Croydon; he was searching for top security companies in London, he needed security in place very quickly.We explained that we often get this sort of request and we'd have someone on his site within a couple of hours. His testimonial is below, this began as emergency cover and went on for several months.

"Hello Raymond
I want to express my gratitude for the emergency security cover that you recently supplied to us. Not having a pre-existing relationship did worry me somewhat however I need not have concerned myself because you provided an excellent service.
Please pass on my thanks to your security guards who were all very professional.
I will recommend your business without hesitation.

Kind Regards
Kenneth Clinton
Manager, Croydon Showroom, Oakland Furniture"

2. A Damsel in Distress:

Sometimes you can find yourself in a tricky situation in which, you don't want to get the police involved, the below story is just such an occasion.

We had a call from a young lady who was being bullied by her live in boyfriend. He had on several occasions grabbed her aggressively and mocked her saying that she has no one who can come to defend her. Due to this and the fact that she has a young daughter to protect, she asked him several times to leave. Of course he flat out refused and said he'll stay as long as he wanted to.

She had a brainwave, why not search security companies in London to see if one was able to help her. She contacted Centurion Guards and we sent one of our sizable guards to wait at her flat for the "boyfriend" to arrive. When he arrived "home" our guard handed him his packed bags and he left with no drama and no fuss, he even took his front door key off his keyring, without being asked and handed it to our guard.

So if you have an unwanted ex who refuses to leave your home just give us a call 0844 499 0607 and we'll get rid of them for you in a polite but firm manner.

3. A Large Private Estate

We were having regular problems on our large private estate in London, anti social behaviour, small groups of youngsters playing loud music from their cars often whilst taking class B drugs at ungodly hours, a few break ins of our gardeners sheds etc. We didn't want to create a Fort Knox type of environment, especially as some of our residents were very unhappy at the mere mention of security overseeing our estate.

After contacting several security companies in London, the committee chose a security supplier with a great emphasis on pricing. The company we chose seemed professional as well as giving us a very "competitive" price.

My favourite company was more realistcally priced, but I had a gut feeling they were the company we needed, especially after reading their customer testimonials and a bit about the founder of the company. But hey ho such is life; we don't always get what we want. However the proof of the pudding was in the eating....

The "competitively priced" company proved to be difficult to get hold of and were generally unprofessional when I did get hold of them. They never did a site visit and I soon began to realise that they were not going to be the ones for us. I then contacted Raymond Mason from the company I originally preferred. He came down at very short notice, and after being shown around our sprawling estate we agreed to go forward with him.

What a revelation, a few key residents have his number in case incidents happen, but we rarely have to contact him as his security team normally spot things and deal with them with no drama and no fuss, before residents are aware of them. When we do have to call them, they are at the scene in literally a minute or two and deal with the situation in a calm and professional manner.

If you need professional honest security in place that are easy to do business with you need not look any further than Raymond Mason and his excellent team at Centurion Guards. Not all security companies in London are created equal.

Barbara, Estate Committee Manager

4. Drug Dealers Meet their Match

We received a call from a client who lives in a trendy Central London complex; they had a group of drug dealers blocking the entrance to their apartments during the evenings. So we initiated a series of mobile security patrols, this proved to be too much for them and they left in a hurry.

5. Buy Cheap Pay Twice

We were asked to quote for a job securing an adult education centre; a cheaper company secured the contract. After a couple of weeks the manager called me in a panic and wanted us to get real security in place for him ASAP. The budget security company had supplied a security guard to man the entrance. Supposedly to ensure people without the right ID are unable to gain access to the upper floors.

Amazingly while one of their supervisors was doing a site visit, a pair of unidenttified men waltzed pas them and went up to one of the classrooms upstairs. They went there and stabbed one of the pupils and then cool as ever just walked back out past security. So we had to supply a sold security guard and equip him with a stab resistant vest.

“Raymond offers a complete package. After an initial telephone conversation I received a prompt visit to discuss my company's requirements and business standards. A four-week cover turned into 12 months mainly due to his ability to supply trained smart and committed staff. As a security manager I was impressed with security guards in London supplier that kept in regular contact with me and continually strived to fine-tune its service.”
Darren Heath Debenhams Security Manager
“Dear Raymond Just a note to thank you for expediting our requirements for guards this past month. All my managers reported an entirely satisfactory service from your security guards who performed during a period of high business pressure.”
Dave Willock, Austin Reed, Group Security Manager.
“Raymond's company covered our Purley store during a period of sustained threat; their service was very reassuring and proficient, from their security guard on site, even to the area manager's liaison with us. I would be more than happy to use them again should the need arise.”
Lorraine Minler, Laura Ashley.
“Dear Raymond, thank you for your excellent service, we really appreciate your professionalism and hands on customer service. Not only did you supply brilliant security staff but your area manager visiting our store manager to brief him on how to use your services was outstanding.
On the very first day of using your company your security staff put a stop to the ongoing mass shoplifting, which was plaguing our Portobello Road store for a number of weeks. Thanks again for taking charge of what was a potentially volatile situation in an outstanding manner.”
Lisa Moore, Pe Pe Jeans London
“We had to call Raymond at very short notice to get security over to our Knightsbridge Store. He had security cover in place for us in one and a half hours; they sure are quick and efficient and helped us out when we really needed help.
Thanks Raymond!”
Claire Greenwood, UGG Australia
“Hello Raymond, I want to express my gratitude for the emergency security cover that you recently supplied to us. Not having a pre-existing relationship did worry me somewhat however I need not have concerned myself because you provided an excellent service.
Please pass on my thanks to your security guards who were all very professional.
I will recommend your business without hesitation.
Kind Regards”
Kenneth Clinton - Manager, Croydon Showroom, Oakland Furniture
“We had just arrived back from holiday and noticed that our home had been burgled. To make matters even worse I was leaving that evening for a business trip where I was going to be away from home for several nights.
So after doing an internet search for professional security guards in London. I called every company on the search engines 1st page, to my astonishment I could only get through to one company, Centurion Guards. They not only answered their phone swiftly but they ensured I had security in place to protect my wife and kids within a couple of hours.
If you are in need of a professional, customer focused easily contactable security supplier? You need not look any further than Centurion Guards.”
Frank van den Bosch London, England

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